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In the valleys of our life, we’ll feel beaten down and unable to rise again. We’ll want to shut off the world and hide within ourselves, our minds, and our thoughts that revolve around what we’ve been through. It’ll be hard to see through the clouds to the sunshine, feeling like the storms will never pass.

However, it’s during these times that we grow so much. We eventually come back to ourselves, learning from the experiences to know what to do if that time comes back down the road. We rise, overcome, and conquer the negativity to transform into a new version of ourselves that we wouldn’t have found if we hadn’t gone through the hard times.

That’s what this single is all about: recognizing the hard times but also realizing that we won’t allow the bad times to defeat us. No, we’ll rise despite it all and forge on. I hope you take this with you wherever you go, harboring the strength to get through whatever situation you face.


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Broken But Not Defeated

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