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Wishes are so valuable that we put them everywhere: on stars, in birthday candles, at certain times of the day, and in dandelion seeds. These traditions show us that naming what you want can sometimes be the hardest part, so once you find them, it's important to treat each wish as a precious thing. Even when they stay in our heads, wishes connect your dreams to reality.

As you follow this card's text, find joy in navigating through all the dreams you have. It's your time to explore without limits! And when you land on something truly special, offer it to the world like you're releasing the beautiful floating seeds from a delicate dandelion. Just like the flowers, your wishes will be carried on to find the perfect place to grow and flourish.

No matter what your age, you should never outgrow dreaming. Use this ZOX as a gentle reminder to make all the wishes you can, you never know which ones will come true!


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Best Wishes

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