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There's something so comforting about snow. The pure white blanket of snow that blankets the ground. The coolness in the air it brings. The only white Christmas I've ever had, and it really wasn't even Christmas, was a vacation in November to Colorado when I saw my first snowfall as an adult. It was breathtaking and truly wonderful. I was so honored to have experienced that with my family because it became a core memory for me: my first snow.

In my opinion, this double represents that time with those who make us feel like that. The magic of snowfall, experiencing something new and wonderful. People that make us feel warm inside, excited for any moment we get to spend with them – those are the people we should hold onto. I hope this double not only reminds you of those times but remains with you in times with them to come. Cherish them, keep them close to your heart, and enjoy every moment.


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The Most Wonderful

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